Saving Tips: Work Related

Savings Tips: Work Related
Tip #1  If you work outside your home, buying a latte’ at the local
espresso bar each morning can easily cost you $30-$40 per month. Cut it down to three mornings per week and save money.

Tip #2  If you have a home business, get a cell phone and make all your long distance calls to clients with the cell. Most plans have free long distance calling to anywhere within the USA from your home area.

Tip #3  A simple and inexpensive home office workspace with
lots of storage space for files and papers is to put an uncut flat
door on two small filing cabinets. Place one cabinet to the far right
and the other to the far left. You then sit in the middle where you
can reach the drawers.

Tip #4  If you eat lunch out every day – cut back to only 2
days per week and brownbag it on the other days.

Tip #5  If your job dictates you should “dress to
impress”, buy coordinating separates so you can mix and match.
With a few accessories added, you can change the look completely and
make everyone think you have a closet full of clothes.