Saving Tips: Weddings

Savings Tips: Weddings
Tip #1  Instead of a restaurant, hold the rehearsal dinner at your home at a community center or in the church’s hall. Recruit volunteers from the family to each make a food dish contribution and cater it yourselves.

Tip #2  Have your wedding in the months of November through April. These months are less busy for most wedding related services and locations. Again, ask for a discount for being off-season.

Tip #3  Find alternatives to shopping retail. Locate outlet stores that sell wedding and bridesmaid dresses. You’ll save money by not buying name brand merchandise.

Tip #4  Enlistsome crafty and creative friends and make the favors yourself. Buy supplies when on sale.

Tip #5  Visit your local community college and ask if they can place you in contact with soon-to-graduate photography students. Save money by not hiring a professional photographer.

Tip #6  Have your honeymoon in Las Vegas. Rooms, entertainment and meals are very inexpensive. Your money will go farther and you can stay longer.