Saving Tips: Shopping in General

Savings Tips: Shopping in General
Tip #1 
Select a stand-alone microwave unit rather
than a built-in if possible. It will be cheaper to buy, cheaper and
easier to service, and possibly more reliable since ventilation and
adjacent heat producing appliances will not be as much of a factor.

Tip #2  Beware of compulsive buying especially via the
internet. Compulsion is the driving force of these medias and often
just knowing this, can arm you with power. If there is an item you
know you want to buy, find who offers the lowest price. We like the comparison shopping tool at HerMarketPlace
– it’s on their main page.

Tip #3  Shop for apparel at season changes to capture maximum close out sales (sometimes 70-80%). However, you won’t be saving anything if you
buy simply because it’s on sale. For children, buy things one size

Tip #4  Buy your holiday wrapping paper and ribbon AFTER
the holiday. You’ll need it for next year, so why pay full price.

Tip #5  Buy paper greeting cards and themed party supplies
the day after the holiday or season is over. Stock pile them and use
when needed. Save 50% to 70% in most cases.