Saving Tips: Kids and Babies

SavingsTips:  Kids and BabiesTip #1 
Start your "child savings plan" when they are born, or at
least by the time they are age five. Each month buy a $25 or $50 savings
bond for them. Use for college or a major
purchase once they have graduated high school. Don’t ever let on to
your child that you have this nestegg for them because they will constantly
want to dip into it. The day will come when they will thank you
for doing this.

Tip #2 
Don’t buy ice packs, make your own. Buy a bulk pack of inexpensive 3×5
inch sponges. Soak several in water and wring out slightly. Place
individually into plastic sandwich ziplock bags. Place in freezer.
They’re ready to use for those unexpected boo-boo’s and just the right

Tip #3 
Instead of paying $20 for a bike helmet at a local retailer, watch
your newspaper. Most communities have programs set up where you can
take your child in for a helmet fitting (usually at the Fire
Department) and they only cost $5.

Tip #4 
Children out grow their clothes too fast and sometimes they have
their favorites and don’t want to part with them. Take off all the
buttons (use those for other projects) and cut the clothes into 6×6
inch squares. Sew together, add batting and make your child a warm quilt
for their bed.