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Calculators can make mistakes; some
calculators have built-in assumptions that may or may not be
explicitly stated; and some sites provide calculators for less
than altruistic reasons. For these reasons, it’s generally
a good idea to use more than one calculator.

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Income Calculator

Interest Calculator
Money Calculator

Paycheck Calculator

Percent Calculator
Savings Calculator

Stock Calculator

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Car Loans

CD / Savings

College Costs

Life Insurance

Mortgage & Moving


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Budget Calculators

Budgeting 101

Find out exactly where your money is going. Compare your expenses to the national average.

Holiday Spending Worksheet

To plan your savings for next holiday season, you need to know how much all that merriment has cost in the past.

Debt Consolidation

Find out how much you can save by consolidating your current loans into a single lower interest rate loan.

Cost of Raising a Child

Figure out the bottom line when it comes to the actual cost of raising your child.

Should your spouse work, too?

Figure out if two paychecks are worth it.

Car Loan Calculators

Loan Payment Calculator – From Bank of America

Loan Calculator – From WebFoot

Various calculators from

CD / Savings


College Cost Calculators

Student Loan Calculator

This excellent tool lets you compare your
total student loan payments with your expected starting salary.
There are separate fields for Stafford (grad and undergrad),
Perkins (grad and undergrad), and Private loans.


This calculator will help you create your own
college savings plan, based on the age of your child and the
project expense of his/her education.

Parent Debt Calculator

If you’re planning on financing your
child’s higher education, you can use this calculator to
determine how much extra debt you can afford.

Monthly College
Savings Calculator

This calculator will show you how much
you’ll need to save each month to meet your college savings
goals. It assumes that the student will be attending a four-year
college and that he or she will finish the degree in four
sequential years.

Expected Family
Contribution Calculator

Another indispensible tool, this
calculator will help you determine how much you and your parents
will be expected to contribute, based on student dependency
status, and the assets and salaries of both parents and student.



Life Insurance

FIC Insurance Group
Life insurance needs assessment calculator.

Life Insurance
Life insurance needs assessment calculator using the income assessment needs method.
Analysis based on the needs fulfillment method.

Compare term life quotes, learn about life insurance, and calculate your life insurance needs.

Mortgage and Moving Calculators


Hugh’s Calculators
Mortgage calculator.

How much?
How much do you really pay for a house? From CNN.

The Salary Calculator
How will your new salary in the new city compare to what you make today?


From HSH Associates.


Mortgage payment calculator.


Free mortgage calculators for refinancing, amortization tables, pre-qualification, loan comparisons, monthly payments and more.

Time Value Software
Home financing calculators.

The Moving Calculator
How much will it cost you to move?


Compare the cost of living between cities

Retirement Calculators

U.S. News Retirement
Tells you how close you are to meeting your goals, and what your retirement will be like financially.

Roth IRA Conversion
From Strong Funds.

Time Value Software
A number of retirement-planning calculators, including IRA, Roth IRA, comparison, and goal calculators

Small Business



Loan Center

One can never tell what the future will bring. The future is full of so many uncertainties that you can never really make any kind of long term plans and then assures yourself that you will have your future covered and prepared for any eventualities.
One of the most uncertain aspects of living are the financial emergencies that often sneak up on you when you least expect it. It could come in the form of a sudden medical emergency, increased tuition for your children, a sudden need to repair or replace an expensive part of your car, or maybe your bills are due this month and you have found yourself short on actual hard cash. When these things happen you need a fast solution to the problem. The reason for this is quite simple — the nature of a financial emergency is that money is needed right NOW. The immediacy of the need for the money is what makes it so difficult for most people to address. The best solution to these problems is often by taking out a loan.
A loan can immediately solve the pressing need to get cash because the money is (after the application and assessment) readily made available to you. Of course, the catch here is that the loan that you have taken out will earn interest. This means that you will be paying back more money than you loaned. But then the interest imposed on the loaned amount is but a small price to pay for the easy solution to whatever money dilemmas you may be experiencing. The ability to get money precisely when you need it is what makes loans quite attractive to many people. More and more people are resorting to loans in order to fulfill certain financial obligations. On the other hand, lending institutions are coming out with new loan products that better address the needs of borrowers.
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