Department of Revenue

Here we have a helpful table of
each state
within the US, where you just click into your
particular state’s Department of Revenue website.

Use to obtain important tax
information and licensing requirement criteria, which varies by

Click here to
locate Revenue agencies for countries, outside the USA.

USA BY State

Alabama Department of Revenue

Alaska Department of Revenue

Arizona Department of Revenue

Arkansas Department of Finance & Administration

California Franchise Tax Board

Colorado Department of Revenue

Connecticut Department of Revenue

Delaware Division of Revenue

District of Columbia Office of Chief Financial Officer

Florida Department of Revenue

Georgia Department of Revenue

Hawaii Department of Taxation

Idaho State Tax Commission

Illinois Department of Revenue

Indiana Department of Revenue

Iowa Department of Revenue and Finance

Kansas Department of Revenue

Kentucky Department of Revenue

Louisiana Department of Revenue and Taxation

Maine Bureau of Taxation

Maryland Controller of the Treasury

Massachusetts Department of Revenue

Michigan Department of the Treasury

Minnesota Department of Revenue

Mississippi State Tax Commission

Missouri Department of Revenue

Montana Department of Revenue

Nebraska Department of Revenue

Nevada Department of Taxation

New Hampshire Department of Revenue

New Jersey Division of Taxation

New Mexico Taxation and Revenue Department

New York State Department of Taxation and Finance

North Carolina Department of Revenue

North Dakota Office of State Tax Commissioner

Ohio Department of Taxation

Oklahoma Tax Division

Oregon Department of Revenue

Pennsylvania Department of Revenue

Rhode Island Division of Taxation

South Carolina Department of Revenue

South Dakota Department of Revenue

Tennessee Department of Revenue

Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts

Utah State Tax Commission

Vermont Department of Taxes

Virginia Department of Taxation

Washington State Department of Revenue

West Virginia Department of Tax and Revenue

Wisconsin Department of Revenue

Wyoming Department of Revenue

Outside the USA

Australian Taxation Office

Canada, Revenue Agency

Chile, Revenue Agency

Ireland, Revenue

Philippines, Revenue Agency

South African, Revenue Service

For expanded links to Tax & Revenue global sites,
visit Taxman International


Online Calculators

Calculators can make mistakes; some
calculators have built-in assumptions that may or may not be
explicitly stated; and some sites provide calculators for less
than altruistic reasons. For these reasons, it’s generally
a good idea to use more than one calculator.

calculators on this site:

Income Calculator

Interest Calculator
Money Calculator

Paycheck Calculator

Percent Calculator
Savings Calculator

Stock Calculator

calculators located off this site:

Car Loans

CD / Savings

College Costs

Life Insurance

Mortgage & Moving


Small Business

Budget Calculators

Budgeting 101

Find out exactly where your money is going. Compare your expenses to the national average.

Holiday Spending Worksheet

To plan your savings for next holiday season, you need to know how much all that merriment has cost in the past.

Debt Consolidation

Find out how much you can save by consolidating your current loans into a single lower interest rate loan.

Cost of Raising a Child

Figure out the bottom line when it comes to the actual cost of raising your child.

Should your spouse work, too?

Figure out if two paychecks are worth it.

Car Loan Calculators

Loan Payment Calculator – From Bank of America

Loan Calculator – From WebFoot

Various calculators from

CD / Savings


College Cost Calculators

Student Loan Calculator

This excellent tool lets you compare your
total student loan payments with your expected starting salary.
There are separate fields for Stafford (grad and undergrad),
Perkins (grad and undergrad), and Private loans.


This calculator will help you create your own
college savings plan, based on the age of your child and the
project expense of his/her education.

Parent Debt Calculator

If you’re planning on financing your
child’s higher education, you can use this calculator to
determine how much extra debt you can afford.

Monthly College
Savings Calculator

This calculator will show you how much
you’ll need to save each month to meet your college savings
goals. It assumes that the student will be attending a four-year
college and that he or she will finish the degree in four
sequential years.

Expected Family
Contribution Calculator

Another indispensible tool, this
calculator will help you determine how much you and your parents
will be expected to contribute, based on student dependency
status, and the assets and salaries of both parents and student.



Life Insurance

FIC Insurance Group
Life insurance needs assessment calculator.

Life Insurance
Life insurance needs assessment calculator using the income assessment needs method.
Analysis based on the needs fulfillment method.

Compare term life quotes, learn about life insurance, and calculate your life insurance needs.

Mortgage and Moving Calculators


Hugh’s Calculators
Mortgage calculator.

How much?
How much do you really pay for a house? From CNN.

The Salary Calculator
How will your new salary in the new city compare to what you make today?


From HSH Associates.


Mortgage payment calculator.


Free mortgage calculators for refinancing, amortization tables, pre-qualification, loan comparisons, monthly payments and more.

Time Value Software
Home financing calculators.

The Moving Calculator
How much will it cost you to move?


Compare the cost of living between cities

Retirement Calculators

U.S. News Retirement
Tells you how close you are to meeting your goals, and what your retirement will be like financially.

Roth IRA Conversion
From Strong Funds.

Time Value Software
A number of retirement-planning calculators, including IRA, Roth IRA, comparison, and goal calculators

Small Business



Budget Planner

Forget what you know about traditional budgeting. Introducing a revolutionary spending system that will help you:

  • Create a household budgeting plan that you can use!
  • Recover 10% of your income from hidden spending
  • Always know exactly how much you have left to spend
  • Instantly know the impact of every spending decision
  • Automatically track all your purchases
  • Easily pay ALL your bills online
  • Effectively manage credit card spending
  • FREE 30 day no risk trial!

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Online Broker Directory

  • A.B.

    NASDAQ II quotes. Real-time quotes and trades from $10.

  • Accutrade
    $30 per trade up to 1000 shares. Online trading requires
    free proprietary software. Also mutual funds and options
    trading. Margin rate is 1-2% above the brokerage call rate.
    $5000 minimum account balance. One notable feature is the
    ability to place trades at a future time when specific
    conditions are met. Compatible with Sharp’s Zaurus PDA.

  • AFTrader
    $9.95 per trade, Wireless trading at no extra charge, free
    news alerts, free premium research, no fee IRA’s and free
    unlimited real-time quotes.

  • American
    Express Brokerage
    $14.95/trade for up to 3000 shares.
    Also mutual funds trading. No minimum account balance. News,
    quotes, alerts, company research, S&P MarketScope, and
    Comtex are included.

  • Ameritrade

    $8/market orders, $13/ limit orders. Also options, mutual
    funds, and bonds.

  • Amerivest

    $27/trade for stocks and mutual funds.

  • Atlantic

  • Bidwell
    & Co.
    Starting at $12 per trade.

  • Boom
    Hong Kong.

  • Brown
    & Co.
    Cheapest. $5/trade for market orders,
    $10/trade for limit orders. 100 real time quotes per trade.
    They only want investors with five years of experience.

  • Brunswick
    Focused solely on 22 emerging markets.

  • Burch
    & Company
    Fees from $9.95 to $14.95.

  • Bush
    – $25/trade.

  • Charles
    Allows you to buy and sell stocks, mutual
    funds, options, and Treasuries. $30 trades up to 1000
    shares, or 3 cents a share for more than 1000 shares. They
    also offer 50 real-time quotes per trade, plus research from
    Credit Suisse First Boston and Hambrecht and Quist for
    $30/month. $5000 minimum account balance.

  • Citibank
    – Online banking and trading.

  • CompuTEL
    $9/trade for market orders for 1000 to 5000 shares, 1 cent
    per share additional over 5000 shares. $19/trade for limit
    orders. Also options. 100 free real time quotes per day.
    No-fee IRAs. $5000 minimum opening balance.

  • Credit
    Suisse First Boston Australia Equities Private Limited


  • CyberCorp
    Online broker that caters to active traders. Subsidiary of

  • Datek

    $10 Nasdaq and NYSE trades. Unlimited real time quotes. 1
    minute order execution or it’s free. Also, you can set price
    limits for your stocks and they’ll email you when the
    conditions are met. $2000 minimum account balance.

  • Delta
    Equity Services
    $35 plus half a percent of the total

  • D.F.
    Mainland Group
    – New Zealand.

  • Discover
    Brokerage Direct
    $15/trade. Also mutual funds,
    options, and bond trading (including Treasuries). Fee-based
    package adds research from Morgan Stanley, news, real time
    quotes, and portfolio management. Margin rate is 0.75 to
    2.5% above the brokerage call rate. $2000 minimum account

  • CSFB
    $20/trade for up to 1000 shares. Also options,
    bonds and mutual funds. No minimum account balance.
    Excellent information package, including S&P MarketScope,
    Zacks analyst recommendations, 100 real time stock and
    option quotes per trade, Reuters market news, and Lipper
    mutual fund research. Also, research from Donaldson Lufkin
    Jenrette. Integration with pagers and handhelds.

  • Dreyfus

    $15/trade (first 3 trades are free). Best rate on options:
    $1.75/contract with a $15 minimum. Real-time quotes when
    ordering. Margin rate is 0.5 to 1% above the brokerage call
    rate. $1000 minimum account balance, $2000 for margin


    Caters to active investors. $19.95 market orders for 1-99
    trades a month, $16.95 per trade for 100-299 trades a month,
    and $14.95 per trade for 300+ trades a month (price change
    is retroactive).


    $7 for market orders, $12 for limit orders. Market orders
    of 1000+ shares of stocks above $5/share are
    commission-free. Also options, bonds and mutual funds. No
    minimum balance.


    $15/trade for up to 5000 shares on market orders of listed
    stocks, $20 for unlisted stocks and limit orders up to 5000
    shares. Includes portfolio tracking system (with alerts),
    current market data, and candlestick charts and other
    technical analysis tools. Real-time quotes $30/month. Also
    options and bonds. $5 to talk to a live broker. Margin rate:
    1.75-2.25% over brokerage call rate. $1000 minimum account
    balance, $2000 for margin accounts. The site also includes a
    trading demo so you can see how everything works. Some
    access to IPOs at the offering price.

  • Fidelity

    $29/trade for up to 1000 shares. Unlimited real time
    quotes. Investment research from Salomon Smith Barney, plus
    access to IPOs.

  • Fifth
    Third Bank


    Free market order electronic trades, $4.95 limit order
    electronic trades, online banking, mortgage, and insurance.

  • First
    Discount Brokerage
    Full service, discount and online
    brokerages services.

  • Firstrade

    $10 per order, $5 per NASDAQ order over 1000 shares.


    Free equity trades, $5 stop and limit orders. Will open a
    in a new window.


    Online broker offering 100% commission free trades
    (ad-based revenue).

  • Freedom
    – $15 per trade.

  • Freeman
    $15/trade for market orders, $20/trade for
    limit orders, up to 2000 shares. Above 2000 shares are one
    cent per share.

  • GE
    Financial Brokerage

  • Global
    Nasdaq Level II trading as low as $9.95 for
    unlimited shares.

  • Harris
    $13/trade for market orders, $18/trade for limit orders.

  • Howe
    Barnes NetInvestor
    Commissions are $19 + $0.01/share. Also mutual funds,
    bonds, options, and CDs. Portfolio tracking, news, and
    research. $5000 minimum account balance.

  • Interactive

    Trades in foreign and domestic securities.

  • Investex
    Securities Group
    $15/trade for most trades. Also mutual funds, options,
    and bonds. No minimum account balance.

  • InvestIN
    $10/trade. Free real-time quotes.

  • InvestorLine
    $25/trade for market orders. From the Bank of Montreal.
    Also mutual funds.

  • InvesTrade
    $8/trade for stocks. Automated touch-tone phone trading
    at the same price. Options trading is $1.75/contract, $15

  • Jack
    White & Co
    Commissions start at $12/trade. Free real-time quotes
    with an account. Also mutual funds. $5000 minimum account

  • J.B.
    Commissions start at $14.50/trade. Unlimited real time
    quotes. Also mutual funds, bonds, and options trading. $2000
    minimum account balance. Customers receive free Internet
    access as long as they keep the minimum balance in the

  • Killiney
    A brokerage company which offers Internet based dealing
    service in FX, Futures, Options and Stocks for both
    institutional and private investors.

  • InternetTrading
    Live Level 2 screens, execution via all ECNs, NYSE, and
    portfolio management.

    This online broker offers limit orders and market orders
    for $4/trade. Do your research with InvestorGuide
    and place
    cheap orders here.

  • Market
    Touch Web
    $15/trade under 1000 shares.

  • MB
    Day trading. $15 to $24 per trade.

  • Muriel
    Siebert & Co.

  • Mr.
    $15/trade up to 1000 shares. Also mutual funds and

    $12/trade up to 5000 shares.

  • National
    Discount Brokers
    $14.75/trade for market orders, $19.75/trade for limit
    orders. Real time quotes. Over 7500 mutual funds. $2000
    minimum account balance.

  • Net-Invest
    From Capital International Securities Group. $25/trade.
    Also in Spanish.

  • NetVest
    Discount Broker.

  • Newport Discount Brokerage
  • Norwest
  • Peremel

  • Quick
    and Reilly
    $15/trade for market orders, or $20 for limit orders.
    Also options trading. No minimum account balance.  Two
    ways to trade, including one with the aid of a broker.

  • Regal
    $20 for Nasdaq trades of 1000 or more shares, $25 below
    1000 shares, and $29 for listed trades up to 5000 shares.
    Unlimited real time quotes. No minimum account balance.
    Every tenth trade is free. Margin rate is 0.5% above the
    brokerage call rate.

  • R.J. Forbes
    Starts at $10/trade.
  • RML

  • Sanford
    – Australia.

  • Schwab
    Allows you to buy and sell stocks, mutual funds,
    options, and Treasuries. $30 trades up to 1000 shares, or 3
    cents a share for more than 1000 shares. They also offer 50
    real-time quotes per trade, plus research from Credit Suisse
    First Boston and Hambrecht and Quist for $30/month. $5000
    minimum account balance.

  • ScoTTrade
    $7/trade for market orders, $12/trade for limit orders.
    100 real time quotes per trade.  $2,000 account
    minimum.  Also options trading.

  • ShareBuilder
    Buy and sell stocks in dollar amounts. No account or
    investment minimums. Only $2 per transaction.

  • Sherry
    Bruce’s State Discount Brokers

  • Sloan

    For daytraders – $7.95 market and limit orders.

  • Summit
    Day trading. Downloadable software.

  • SpeedTrader
    $15 to $20 per trade.

    Trade bonds and cds, too.

  • SuccessTrade
    All Trades Only $9.95 a trade-includes market and limit

  • Sunlogic

  • SureTrade
    $8/trade for market orders, $10 for limit orders, listed and OTC, up to 5000 shares. Same price for Canadian stocks.
  • SwifTrade
  • Tradefast
    3 cents per share, $20 minimum.

  • Trade4Less
    Geared toward active traders. $1.50 per 100 shares, free
    Level II quotes, Direct ECN connections. Educational

    After-hours trading. $25,000 minimum account balance.
    Commissions of 6 cents per share, minimum $100.

  • TradeStar
    From Savoy Stocks. $14/trade for market orders, $19/trade for limit orders. Real-time quotes.
    Full service broker providing direct access trading from

  • TradeWell
  • Trading
    From York Securities. Commissions start at $10/trade.
    Also options and mutual funds. No minimum account balance.

  • Trend
    Day trading. Starts at $15/trade.

  • T.
    Rowe Price
    $25/trade up to 1000 shares.

  • TruTrade
    $11/trade for OTC or less than 2000 shares of listed
    stocks. No-fee IRA, free checkwriting, mutual funds, and low
    margin rates.

    Trades executed for only $4.95 per trade, plus $2.50
    service charge. Free Unlimited realtime quotes, online
    account balance.

  • Vision
    $15 per stock trade. Also options and mutual funds.

  • Wachovia
  • WR
    Online broker offering $20 internet and $25
    broker-assisted trades

  • Wall
    Street Access
    They focus on the active trader. Commissions start at
    $25/trade. 100 free real-time quotes with each trade. Also
    Treasuries and options trading.

  • Wall
    Street Discount
    Starts at $20/trade.

  • Wall
    Street Electronica
    From Winston Rodgers & Otalvaro, a full-service
    firm. Commissions start at $15/trade. Also bonds and
    options. $10,000 minimum account balance.

  • Wang
    Commissions start at $5/trade. Text is in Chinese or

  • Waterhouse
    $12/trade up to 5,000 shares. Free real-time quotes,
    charts, news, S&P reports, and Zacks earnings estimates.
    Also mutual funds. 24-hour access to a live broker.

  • Web
    Street Securities
    $15/trade. Nasdaq trades of 1000 or more shares are
    commission-free. Ten second executions and one minute email
    confirmations. Streaming real-time portfolio management.
    Java-based interface.

  • WellsTrade
    From Wells Fargo. $30/trade.

  • White
    Discount Securities Online

  • Wit
    Stocks, mutual funds, and options.

  • Wyse
    Starts at $8/trade.

  • Your
    Discount Broker
    Day traders can pay $30 to trade in and out of any stock
    for a full day.

  • Ziegler
    Thrift Trading
    $20/trade for up to 2000 shares, $0.01/share thereafter.
  • Small Business Loans
    First Funds Capital provides small business loans up to $1,000,000 in as little as 72 hours.

Online Bank Directory

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