Saving Tips: Everyday Things

saving tips ...
Tip #1 When you receive money as a gift, deposit half of what you received in your savings bank account and spend the rest on yourself.

Tip #2  Encourage relatives and friends to get online so
you can cut down on long distance charges and postage by exchanging email,
chatting, and sending virtual birthday cards.

tip #3  Get a big jar or box and at the end of each day,
remove all the coins from your pockets and purse. (an empty three
pound coffee can works good for this)  Get in the habit of only
carrying paper money. You’ll be surprised how fast your change adds
up. Wrap your coins and deposit each month into your savings account.

Tip #4  If you have a cell phone, make all your long
distance calls from the cell and not your home phone. Most cell plans
have free long distance to anywhere within the USA from your home
calling area.

tip #5  Liquid dish soap dribbles down the side of the
bottle and leaves soap scum on the counter. Put the liquid soap in a
trigger spray bottle. The soap is so thick it will just squirt and not
spray out. This is easier to handle, lasts longer and saves you money
because you’ll be buying the soap less often.

tip #6  Buy the best clothes you can afford. Sometimes, that
name brand isn’t the best quality. But, if you buy clothes that will
last you a few years, it’s called "investment dressing."