Saving Tips: Credit and Building Credit

Savings Tips: Credit and Building Credit
tip #1  To improve your credit report appearance and before
applying for a loan, close accounts you don’t use, like old credit
cards, and make sure they are listed on your credit report as closed
at your request.

tip #2  It’s good to have at least three credit cards at all
times. Use one for clothing only, one for household expenses and keep one for
emergencies only. By keeping purchases separate, you can easily see
where your money.

tip #3  Pay off your credit card balance every month. This saves
you tons of money in interest charges.

tip #4  Pay attention to the interest rates. If you are
re-building your credit you can easily get a high interest rate card
from a variety of lenders. Pay your bill on time for one year. Then
apply for and get a new card with a lower rate. Then cancel your
high-rate card.