Saving Tips: Beauty Care

Savings Tips:  Beauty Care and Supplies
Tip #1  To stretch your shampoo pour half
of bottle into empty bottle, and add water to fill both. You have
twice as much now, and it will work just the same.

Tip #2  For a homemade facial, mix dry
oatmeal and water into a paste and spread on face. Lie down and let it
dry. Wash off with warm water.

Tip #3  Keep body sprays and cold cream in
the refrigerator. They stay fresh and will last longer.

Tip #4  A good Toner/Astringent, use witch hazel instead.
No need to dilute, use full strength. Rinse with a splash of Apple
Cider Vinegar after cleansing as it balances out the ph of your skin.

Tip #5  Add a few drops
of baby oil to your bath water for a skin smoothing experience.