Saving Tips: Cooking and Groceries

Savings Tips:  Cooking and Groceries
Tip #1  You will spend less on food if you shop with a list and never shop when your hungry.

Tip #2  Shopping during off peak hours not only saves time, but means less time standing near "compulsive purchase" merchandise near the checkout.

Tip #3  You can save hundreds of dollars a year by comparing price-per-ounce or other unit prices on shelf labels. Stock up on those items with low per-unit costs.

Tip #4  Cut coupons and
organize them by food group or in an expandable check file. Cut and
save only the ones you know you will use. Don’t buy something, simply
because you have a coupon for it.

Tip #5  Add ‘bulk cooking’ to
your vocabulary. Set aside one day per week and prepare meals for the
next seven days – place them in the freezer. This will shave 100’s of
dollars off your yearly food expenses. There will always be something
in the freezer to fix, so need to run out for fast food.

Tip #6  Watch the grocery clerk as they scan your items to avoid being over-charged and double check your bill before you leave. Incorrect pricing and
over charging is not uncommon.

Saving Tips: Computers

Savings Tips:  Computers
Tip #1  Seek out software and hardware auctions for
downsized companies, etc. are listed in local newspapers. You can pick
up hardware at a fraction of the cost of new. Also check out PC

Tip #2  Shop around. This is a very competitive industry. Don’t forget to check on support and repair capability. Savings are wasted if you have to spend a fortune for support.

Savings Tips: Budgeting

Savings Tips: Budgeting
Tip #1  Track your expenses and spending for two months. It will
reveal your money habits that need changing. Identify expenses you can
live without and use that money to pay off other bills faster or to
deposit into your savings account.

Tip #2  Pay yourself every month. Take this money from
your first monthly paycheck. Deposit into a separate bank account or
stuff it under your mattress. Don’t withdraw from this stash. Many
people will continue spending until all the money is gone. No matter
how much money comes in, some bill or new purchase will take it.
Raises and bonuses all seem to vanish without a trace. Live the rest
of the month on what is left – after you pay yourself.

Saving Tips: Beauty Care

Savings Tips:  Beauty Care and Supplies
Tip #1  To stretch your shampoo pour half
of bottle into empty bottle, and add water to fill both. You have
twice as much now, and it will work just the same.

Tip #2  For a homemade facial, mix dry
oatmeal and water into a paste and spread on face. Lie down and let it
dry. Wash off with warm water.

Tip #3  Keep body sprays and cold cream in
the refrigerator. They stay fresh and will last longer.

Tip #4  A good Toner/Astringent, use witch hazel instead.
No need to dilute, use full strength. Rinse with a splash of Apple
Cider Vinegar after cleansing as it balances out the ph of your skin.

Tip #5  Add a few drops
of baby oil to your bath water for a skin smoothing experience.

Saving Tips: Automobiles

Saving Tips: Automobiles
Tip #1  If you have significant savings earning a low interest rate, consider
making a large down payment or even paying for a car in cash. You can
save several thousand dollars in interest.

Tip #2  You
can save hundreds in interest by shopping around for a loan. All
financial institutions are not equal. Contact several banks, your
credit union, and the auto manufacturer’s own finance company.

Tip #3  Remove unnecessary heavy items
from your vehicle. An extra 100 lbs can reduce mileage by 1mpg. Avoid
top carriers. They increase wind resistance which decreases fuel

Tip #4  Talk to
your agent or insurer about raising your deductibles on collision and
comprehensive coverage to at least $500 or, if you have an old car,
dropping these coverage altogether. Taking these steps can save you
hundreds of dollars a year.

Tip #5  If you have been thinking of buying a used
convertible, keep in mind that actually buying it in rainy/snow season
is more cost effective than waiting for sunshine. It’s cheaper to buy
them when it’s raining because they have less market value then.

Tip #6  Check your tire pressure once a week. You can save a
lot of wear on your tires and a lot of gas by keeping the tires at the
right pressure.

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