What Is a Credit Report?

What Is a Credit Report?
A credit report is simply a document that outlines your credit history.
The report contains details of your last residence, employment
history, payment history, whether you’ve declared bankruptcy, and
other personal information relative to your finances.

Credit reports are made available by what’s known as a "consumer
reporting agencies" and the most common type is a credit bureau.
By collecting important personal financial data, they make your credit
history available to lenders, credit card companies, insurance
companies, department stores, employers [with your consent], mortgage
companies, and even landlords.

Credit bureaus make a profit by collecting and selling your personal
information. They comb public records to see if you have any previous
foreclosures, tax liens, or court judgments against you. They combine
this information with your payment habits to form a summary of your
credit history. Creditors or lenders then evaluate your report and
determine if you meet the right criteria to qualify.

Low Rate Credit Cards

These low rate credit cards feature the best APR rates available in credit cards today. But don’t be fooled this doesn’t mean these cards don’t feature the benefits and rewards other higher rate credit cards have to offer. Choose the low rate credit card that best fits your needs, whether you are looking to gain miles for your next trip, rebates on your purchases or any other perks these low rate credit cards have to offer.
Please keep in mind that most credit cards today offer very low introductory APR rates, however these rates jump up when the introductory period is over. All the cards listed in our low rate section offer long term low APR rates, which is what you should be looking for in a credit card.

Student Credit Cards

These student credit cards are issued with the unique needs of college students in mind. Browse our full list of college student credit cards and find the credit card that best fit your needs. Apply for a Student Visa card, Student Discover card or Student Mastercard today.

Gasoline Credit Cards

Gasoline credit cards are ideal in todays high priced gasoline age. Apply for any of these gasoline credit cards and earn cash back on your gasoline and car maintenance purchases. You will also earn back a percentage of all your purchases which you can use towards your gasoline purchases.

Business Credit Cards

These business credit cards are issued with business owners in mind. Business credit cards offer unique business oriented benefits and generally offer high lines of credit. Browse our full list of business credit cards for the credit card that best fit your needs and apply for your business credit card today.

Bad Credit Credit Cards

These bad credit credit cards were established to make credit cards available to those who cannot obtain a credit card due to poor credit history. Apply for one of these bad credit credit cards today.