Things Included On Your Credit Report

Things Included On Your Credit Report
The three major Credit Bureaus have
their own criteria on how to read your credit report. But they all
share the same information. In the past years they made their credit
reports clearer so people can understand it easily.


Items Include:

Basic Information
Name, Address, Date of Birth, Social Security number and spouse’s

Credit  and Payment History
Listing of companies that have loaned you money in the past, along
with the account numbers, size of your credit lines, dates the lines
were opened, dates you last used the credit lines, lines’ repayment
terms, amounts you presently owe, status of your payments and number
of months your payments are past due.

Collection Agencies
Those assigned to collect overdue debts, including original creditor’s
name, which collection agency oversaw which account, the amount it
tried to collect and whether you paid.

Courthouse Records
Federal, state or local courts showing liens, bankruptcy filings or
other judgments.

Additional History Information
Former addresses, employers, etc.

Listing of inquiries made by potential credit grantors like credit
card companies.